Let us be your “word of mouth” advertising!

We introduce new residents to your business even before they walk in your door!

New residents feel “welcomed” by you when they get a personal invitation and recommendation from us to do business with you. New residents typically spend more money in their first year of residence than any other time: setting up their new digs and making their new place a “home.” They need new doctors, furniture, painters, plumbers, hair stylists, mechanics and most importantly, a sense of normalcy and belonging.

South Georgia Connections is a Welcome Service that connects newcomers and local residents with the businesses and services they need in a personal and affordable way. Word-of-mouth recommendations are still the most effective way to gain new clients! We also offer advertising opportunities in our FYi* South Georgia guide, New Resident Mailer program, FYi* Home Services, FYi* Dining and www.sgaconnections.com


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