12 Ways To Make New Friends in a New Community

Adjusting to a new city can be difficult, but always remember that you’re not alone! If you’re wondering, “How do I meet new friends”, try these ideas!

  1. Be approachable. Wear a smile when out and about.
  2. When you are invited to do things, say “yes” even if you fee shy or don’t know how to get to the invitee’s house or don’t know what to wear.
  3. Reach out to your neighbors! The next time you bump into your neighbor, why not try inviting them for a cup of coffee?
  4. Talk to other shoppers about the price of lettuce (or whatever) in the grocery store.
  5. Socialize with co-workers. See what you can get involved with socially at work and if there’s nothing there already, why not try and organize something yourself?
  6. Find a church or join a Bible study.
  7. Invite someone to lunch.
  8. Send a card or note to someone who needs to be encouraged. Be available.
  9. Find volunteer opportunities in your community.
  10. Join a gym or fitness class.
  11. Shop local! Spending time inn the local boutiques and restaurants in your town ensures that you can build relationships with the hardworking people who own the shops.
  12. Join local Facebook groups that share your interests.

Be confident, be yourself, and be open to new social connections. Before you know it, you’ll feel settled in and establish genuine friendships with like-minded individuals.






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