Adel Chicken

Submitted by Scott & Lisa Register,
Co-Owners of Comfort Keepers Valdosta, GA


½ lb of butter
4 (10 oz) bottles of Durkee’s Famous Sauce
8 oz bottle of prepared mustard
12 lemons
3 cups of apple cider vinegar
Salt & pepper
6-8 fryers split in half

Melt butter in large pan (large enough to dunk chicken halves). Add Durkee’s and mustard (use a little vinegar to wash out jars). Add juice from 12 lemons and balance of vinegar. Simmer sauce on low heat until ready to dip chicken. Place chicken on the hot grill, skin side up for 15 minutes, them turn and grill skin side down for 15 minutes. Then, dip chicken in sauce and turn every 10 minutes until done, dipping each time you turn the chicken. Serve with leftover sauce.

Make a large pot of chicken and rice and pour sauce over rice when served.

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