COVID-19 & the Impact on Local Residents and Businesses

COVID-19 took the world by storm. It forced all of us to prepare to stay at home or face impending disaster. Toilet paper, hand sanitizer and ground beef became prized commodities that once were taken for granted. Health Care workers went to work each day but would be ushered in to not only fight for their patients’ lives but for their own. Many dual working parents would not only be working from home but homeschooling all their children on many levels of education. Some industries soared with the pandemic and others were forced to close. Lifetime events arrived but with cancellation of traditional celebrations like high school graduations and mourning a parent’s death without a formal service. Residents in Nursing Homes were isolated from their loved ones if only to view their mother or father through a pane of glass.

An invisible war we will never forget! Our hearts are saddened by each loss whether it was a job or death of a loved one. South Georgia Connections expresses our thankfulness to all the essential workers who sacrificed so much during this pandemic.

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