Faith Testimonial – Lana Hall

faith, article, testimonial, jody, lana, hall, sgaconnections
faith, article, testimonial, jody, lana, hall, sgaconnections

I hope my story will inspire you to listen to God each and every day as He is always with us.

I grew up in the Midwest, and when I was in my early 20’s, I lived in a small town in West Central Illinois named Hamilton and worked at Dadant & Sons, Inc., which produced and shipped beekeeping supplies and “Queen Bees” to farmers around the world. I was the inventory clerk, so every order placed came through my hands. I loved my job and the people I met from all over the globe.

I moved several times but stayed in the area and in the 70’s moved to a suburb northwest of Chicago. I had always loved to sew, a talent my great-grandmother taught me, and I made a lot of my daughter’s clothes; but at this time I began my career as a Costume Designer in theatre. When a difficult personal decision prompted a move in the mid 80’s, my “angel” boss looked me square in the eyes and said, “You need to move to Florida and go to work at Disney World making costumes!” I did move, along with my daughter, and went to work at Walt Disney World, beginning as a secretary at Disney University and retiring as one of the Marketing Directors of Epcot. During this same time I also found a wonderful Community Theatre and soon became its principal costume designer. During my time there, God sent my way the love of my life; we worked side by side, married, and in 2000, we had the opportunity to build our dream home on his family land in Hahira, GA.

When I began to meet people, I realized I had an old friend here in South Georgia– a lady who ordered beekeeping supplies from Dadant & Sons and also had a hand in the “Queen Bee” industry that was synonymous with South Georgia!!! God brought me “home” to Hahira, GA, where I will spend the rest of my days on this beautiful earth. I also continue to see the marvelous way that one of our Lord’s smallest creatures followed this girl from humble beginnings all the way to Hahira, GA.

You never know how God will inspire you – keep your eyes and ears open to his message…always.

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