Fitness Center vs Pandemic: Understand your Options Before you Quarantine your Health

Fitness Center vs Pandemic: Understand your Options Before you Quarantine your Health

During the beginning of the pandemic, social media accounts were overflowing with home workouts created with miscellaneous objects around homes. However, home workouts may never be as good as the feeling you get when you walk into a fitness center. Where you can enter on a mission and always leave accomplished; where you can build relationships and lifelong friendships, and where you can take time for you again.  Foremost, your fitness center understands not everyone is ready to come back; those at home workouts will prepare you to come back right where you left. So, if you are ready put down the milk containers and flour bags and go back to the gym! This article will provide tips for returning to the gym and tips on how to maintain your strength and endurance from home.

You have accepted the fact that at home workouts are not for you and need that fitness center energy.

  • The First Step: figure out your schedule. What time of the day is best for you and your family? To help you figure it out, what time of the day do you binge Netflix?
  • The Second Step: call or go to the website of your fitness facility and figure out the Group Exercise schedules, trainers schedule and any restrictions that might affect your workout. With CDC guidelines, all gyms are limiting the member limit for classes, minimal equipment use and no child watch.
  • The Third Step: is to not return alone, take a friend, make a fitness appointment with a trainer, go to a group exercise class, or get your camera ready for a post workout “selfie.” Do anything that will hold you accountable.
    • Working out in the gym alone? Here is a full body workout to start off with:
    • Equipment needed: Dumbbells, Cable Machine, and Smith Machine
      • 20 Minutes on your favorite cardio equipment.
      • Squats on smith machine
      • Wide Squats on Smith Machine
      • Lunges on smith machine
      • All together: Bicep Curl, Shoulder press, Overhead extensions with Dumbbells
      • Back rows with Cable machine
      • Chest press and leg lift (chest and ab workout) with Dumbbells.
    • Complete this for 10-12 reps for 3 rounds
    • Finish with stretches

Not ready to come back to the gym? Do not sweat it alone, do it virtually.






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