From the Locals – Ann Barfield (Hahira)

From the Locals – Ann Barfield (Hahira)

Mrs. Barfield is a “Hahira lady” even though she was not born and raised here. Born near Elko, Georgia, in Houston County, she chose to attend Andrew College in Cuthbert, Georgia. With a degree in-hand, Miss Ann came to Hahira to teach school and never left. When asked “What do you like most about Hahira?” she piped. “It’s HOME!” She met her husband, H.M. Barfield, and together they reared three children: Mason, Kay, and Lell. All three have made their mother proud by becoming “successful citizens of their communities.”
Mrs. Barfield had sound advice for all newcomers to Hahira: “Be a part of our community. Get involved in our schools, a local church, and befriend your neighbors.” She enjoys getting to know new people and makes an effort to greet each and every one she passes on a daily basis.





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