How well do you know South Georgia? Here are some fun facts about the towns in the area.

  • Adel
    • Formerly known as ‘Puddleville.’ The town was reneamed Adel by the first postmaster.
  • Hahira
    • Several famous people lived in Hahira: J.D. Tim, and Steven Drew are area major league baseball players and brothers.
  • Lakeland
    • In 1972, Burt Reynolds filmed the movie “Gator” at Banks Lake.
  • Lake Park
    • Known as the Georgia-Florida Gateway City, 5 miles from the Florida line.
  • Nashville
    • Named in honor of General Francis Nash, a distinguished Revolutionary War soldier.
  • Thomasville
    • President Dwight D. Eisenhower visited Thomas County in 1956 to rest after an illness and to decide whether or not to run for a second term.
  • Tifton
    • Tifton has held the title “The Reading Capital of the World” since 2000.
  • Valdosta
    • James Lord Pierpont, composer of “Jingle Bells”, lived many years in Valdosta, where he taught music.

Be sure to look out for more fun facts about the South Georgia area!

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