Newcomer Testimonial –
Desiree Andrejcik

South Georgia Connections’ Greeter, Sara McArthur,

First of all, please let me just say thank you so much for the very thoughtful greeting and welcoming gifts!  We were so impressed by your visit and your eagerness to welcome our family to Valdosta!

We have been stationed at five different bases and this is the first time that we have been welcomed by someone from the local community!

I learned a great deal about the History of Valdosta during your visit.  I was amazed at how much there is to do in South Georgia!  My family and I love to go hiking and to spend time outdoors!

We have already started to plan a few trips to some of the beautiful parks, that I saw in the Resource Guide, given to us by your wonderful organization!  To include but not limited to, “Providence Canyon State Park,” “Okefenokee Park” and a trip that I really think my son will enjoy, “Sam’s Shortline.”

Secondly, I have always enjoyed many different forms of ART and I am so excited to visit the A.H. Turner Center for the Arts!  Thank you so much for giving me their brochure!

Thirdly, we cannot wait to take a tour of Valdosta as well!  We are completely taken back by the History in Valdosta!  A few of the local sites that we want to see first are the “Barber-Pittman House—Chamber of Commerce” and “the Crescent Complex.”  The photos in the brochures that you gave to us look breathtaking!

Lastly, I wanted to let you know that we have already used one of the dining out coupons for a FREE pizza!!  At one of our favorite places to go out to eat!  Papa John’s!  Thank you!  And thank you for giving us information on sports activities in Valdosta!  My son loves to play baseball and we cannot wait to get him signed up.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us and welcome us to your lovely city!  It was such a pleasure meeting you Sarah, and I hope we can keep in touch during our stay in Valdosta!

Thank you for opening our minds to all of the wonderful possibilities in Valdosta!

Desiree Andrejcik

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